Church Council

Church Council 2017


The Church Council is the governing body for Cochrane Street United Church and responsible for leading the congregation. The following are the members of the Church Council for 2017. If you have any questions feel free to talk to any members of the Church Council or email us: info@cochranestreetuc.com



Chair (Interim): Stephen B. Jewczyk

Vice-Chair: Fraser Ellis

Past Chair: David Molyneux

Co-Secretaries: Joyce Blundon, 

Robyn McMaster

Treasurer: Tim Reynolds


Committees and Group Representatives

Ministries: Vacant

Worship: (co-chairs) Sandra Rowe
Paula Reynolds

Property: Vacant

Finance: Tim Reynolds

Ministry and Personnel: Judy Kay


East District Reps: Bette Anderson
Jean Brown
Tim Reynolds
Stephen B. Jewczyk

Men’s Club: Fraser Ellis

Women’s Groups: Linda Facey

Appointed by Council: Kelvin Marshall
Trustees: Jean Brown


Chair of the Congregation: Stephen B. Jewczyk

Minister: Rev. Miriam Bowlby