Project Grace is a music education initiative with a social justice imperative. It is currently in its fourth year of operation. The program began as a summer music camp in 2011 and has since expanded to an after school orchestral lesson program based at St. James United Church. Project Grace is based on the Venezuelan program “El Sistema” which believes that children can develop skills and qualities that will make them better citizens of the community (leadership, self-esteem, team work, discipline etc.) through the community and spirit of an orchestra.


In September 2014, Project Grace will be opening a second location at Cochrane Street United Church, offering a choral program to kindergarten to grade 6 students in the downtown St. John's area. This program will be known as the "Patricia Young Youth Choral Academy".


In addition to the After School Music Program and Summer Music Camps, Project Grace also facilitates an “Experiencing Music” program for children with challenging needs. In partnership with Little Tulips Family Child Care Center in St. John’s, staff, faculty and friends of Project Gracedeliver interactive music workshops to engage children with a variety of challenging needs. More information is available at




The mandate of Project Grace is to provide children from all walks of life with the opportunity to learn and make music together and the chance to benefit from the individual skills and community values that are inherent in music-making.



Project Grace’s vision is social development through an innovative and hope-instilling music education program that emphasizes the collective practice of music in order to achieve excellence.